The Political System Of Russia

The land of snowy mountains and Vladimir Putin- Russia certainly possesses a unique awesomeness that makes it stand on the edge of the world. The political system of Russia is one of the most recent systems to clinch democracy. However, it is essential to note at the same time that the political system of Russia remains flawed deeply in terms of its massively influenced personality and power of a single man, Vladimir Putin; democratic credentials and overwhelmingly tainted corruption. Russia is described as a federal presidential republic with the adoption of the new constitution in the year 1993.

The President

There are strong powers granted to the President of Russia. The President possesses the authority to issue directives and decrees that come with law enforcement without any legislative reviews. However, it has been laid down by the constitution that the directives and the decrees issued by the President should not contravene other laws or documents. Thus, it can rightly be said that the Presidency of Russia is a very strong one. The power of the President in practice is underlined by the President’s power of making the appointments of the most important officials. The employees of several state-owned companies are directly under the control of the President. As per the Law on Presidential Elections Russia, it is important for the winner to get minimum 50% of the votes cast. In case, no candidate is successful in receiving over 50% votes cast, the top two qualifying candidates face each other in a run-off election.